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How to share social media post in a blog and email newsletter

Recently had a discussion about how a business stopped their email newsletter because doing social media was easier. This was an opportunity of sharing news about their awesome products lost. Solution to reach both social and email is embed in blog and use blog post title in the newsletter email.

The purpose of this post is to show an approach for sharing Facebook and Twitter embedded content in an automated MailChimp RSS email campaign, in this case the blog uses Ghost for content management.

The following shows a Facebook embedded posts. Embedded posts look fine on a website, but will not show correctly when embedded in an email. The reason for this is that the embedded post uses special codes that are not compatible with how emails work.

To embed a Facebook post click on menu at top right of post, select embed and then copy and paste code into blog post on website. The same procedure applies for Twitter where to embed select embed tweet from menu on top of tweet and then copy and paste code into blog post on website.

As mentioned emails do not support the special codes used for embedding posts. As a work use only the title in the email. Following is pictured an example of an email newsletter where the only content from the blog is the title of the post.

Admittedly the email could be a little bit more exciting, but at least new content is shared with the email newsletter audience.

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