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Getting things done with help from Trello

Trello is a great tool for helping to get things done, managing productivity and workflows. It can be used as a repository for ideas, to help plan a calendar or with managing a project. This article will discuss how Trello can be used for all three and summarizes a presentation I did recently about how to get started with Trello.

Observations and slightly biased opinions:

  1. Keep board on topic and relevant to the audience. Don't mix projects with tasks on same board.
  • Use lists to manage a milestone or workflow stage of work.
  • Cards can contain descriptions, members, due-dates and checklists. These are all powerful features that help with organising and creating transparency around the project. Use them.
  • Checklists on cards can contain links to other cards and people's names when prefixed with @.
  • For ease of scheduling cards should represent tasks that can be completed in a manageable timeframe.
  • Use labels to help people understand the context of the project.
  • Use a welcome or about list to provide instructions and information about how the Trello board is organised.

For more Trello inspiration and awesomeness visit the big list of Trello tips, usage examples and more.

Learning is always a continuing process. My Trello journey started recently and I am interested to learn more about how people are using it. Feel free to add comments about how you use Trello and will keep this post updated accordingly. Especially interested in examples of how Trello is helping with collaboration in digital transformation.