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Asking good open-ended questions can help with understanding how to design awesome solutions

One of the most important things that we can do in solution design is to empathise. We do this by ignoring our personal bias, listening to understand and sharing the feelings of another. In fact, this is the first step in the design thinking process of empathising, define, ideate, prototype and test.

Good solution design starts when we empathise and see things from another person's perspective.

To get started with designing awesome solutions ask open-ended questions. A good open ended question results in answers that require explanation. When asking explore thoughts and feelings about different points of view. Clarify to avoid misunderstandings and ask for descriptions.

When we understand the problem then we are more likely to create a sustainable and lasting solution. With an empathetic approach, we can become more aware of what other people consider important and through this understanding of how others are feeling we can respond to help appropriately. When we ask questions from another person's perspective the feedback received helps to start learning about needs and requirements.

Recently I was asked to share what I consider important when approaching solution design. Very interested in your thoughts ... visit this post on LinkedIn and share what questions you ask when getting the solution design conversation started.