Social media marketing campaign planning challenges

Interested in thoughts what is your biggest challenge when developing social media marketing campaigns?

Recently on Twitter @mattcameron asked the question what is your biggest challenge when developing social media marketing campaigns, following are some of the very interesting responses and replies:

  1. automating digital marketing
  2. providing a responsive customer journey
  3. having content that resonates with my audience
  4. not to appearing spammy
  5. getting enough people following so that people see my message
  6. getting my social media services to integrate
  7. putting work, time and effort into growing my networks
  8. gaining more followers that lead to customers
  9. getting a return on investment
  10. getting started
  11. knowing where to start
  12. making an authentic connection with my audience

Observation is that time, effort, planning and strategic thinking are required to nurture and grow a community on social media.

Thank you everyone for your awesome comments.

About this question, every couple of weeks on @mattcameron a social media marketing question is asked, for comments and thoughts about previous related posts have a look at #SocialMediaMarketing.

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